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Topic :Is Addiction a choice?

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This paper is has no any further information. It is just like what do you think about this topic.

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    It would be misleading to buy into the argument of addiction is a disease is generalized to all users/misusers. It is because millions of individuals stop smoking tobacco on their own, we should ignore the disease model of addiction and instead focus on the you-have-power-to-quit platitudes to our patients. While the tobacco industry might hail such assertions, this tremendous discretion proves insufficient. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 430,000 Americans die every year now because of their addiction to tobacco. Drug education and promoting self-efficacy are part of treatment but clearly fall far short of what is needed.

    There are circumstances where addiction is NOT a choice, per se. Specifically, use of a powerful drug prescribed by a physician can become addictive, even though the patient has not misused the drug. If you were in a serious accident and unconscious for a period of time, and doctors gave you morphine or codine for pain, you could certainly become addicted, and it would be totally uncontrollable by you. There are many instances of a physician prescribing an addictive drug out of necessity, knowing full well that it is addictive, with the reasoning that the patient is better off not being in pain (or whatever), and that of two evils, curing an addiction is the lesser of the evils compared to healing the patient , and is part of the care. Every brain is different and some people have the ability to overcome some addictions unassisted and some do not. To call addiction a character weakness is simpleminded; it’s like telling someone with cancer to get over it; it simply does not address any facts. To say some addictions are personal choice may or may not be true, depending on circumstances.

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    well i need more information such as what you are addicted.