our dream city

英文報告our dream city 吾知點做痳煩幫幫忙????????????????????????

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  • 1 十年前

    I am not going to write the report for you but I can provide you with some suggestions.

    Our dream city

    1. weather: cold or hot, snow, sunshine, misty.....

    2. population:

    3. education: everybody has a chance to go to university?

    4. economic activities: industrial, commercial, agricultural, tourism.....

    5. environment: free from pollution? smoking allowed? recycle paper?

    6. buildings:

    7. transportation: highways, buses, railway etc

    8. social security (welfare);

    9. political system: democratic?

    10 law and order: a safe city?

    11. taxation system

    There are many aspects you can write about. Hope you find my suggestions useful.

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