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about running.......

我想問有沒人可以比一個Trainning (200m,1500m,4X100M)


我有一個月的time,一星期可練三至四日.thank you!!!!

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    200m and 4X100m are short distance running which demands more on your anaerobic fitness. the explosive power of your muscles especially your legs. Weight training is an option for more effective muscle power building.

    1500m middle distance running demands on your aerobic energy systems, the ability of muscle fibres to utilize oxygen efficiently and economically. It is unusual for a runner to run 200m and 1500m events because they require different body types. A moderate intensity , medium repetition weight-training programme is needed. You will get some of the 1500m training effects carried over to 100/200m running. because your heart and lungs improve their functions in oxygen tranportation in the muscular system, the resulting improvement in oxygen uptake capactity is also beneficial to meet the high power demand in sprinting.

    You may divide your days for your power/strength training and aerobic training separately as in the following programme.

    Week One, Two & Three

    Day 1 & 3

    Running Session (1 hr ):

    Warm up - 15 min

    - 800m at 110% your 1500m speed (for example, if your 1500m time is 4min 30sec, training time for 800m = 270sec / 1.1 * 800 / 1500 = 130 sec or 2min 10sec)

    - recovery - walk around 2 min - 2min 30 sec

    - repeat 800m as above

    - recovery -same as above

    Cool down - 15 min

    Weight training (duration 30min):


    leg extension, bench press, leg flextion, shoulder press, squats

    3 X 20 repetitions of moderate weights for the above series, with 15 sec aerobic recovery intervals in between

    Day 2 & 4

    Same as Day 1 except running and recovery as follows:

    running : 100m at 105% your 200m speed (running time = 1/2 * 200m time / 1.05)

    recovery: walk around for 5 X running time

    repeat running/recovery 10 times

    Week 4 :Do full 1500m and 200m distances at top speed, with some relay and start training.