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contract administration



1.All types of contracts must be in written form for them to be legally binding.

2.The relationship between "main contractirs: and :sub-cintractors" is that main contractors shall not be responsible for all faults committed by those sub-contractors.

3.All terms of construction contracts must be expressed in writing because of its substantial values and complexity in job nature.

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  • Train
    Lv 5
    1 十年前

    All are wrong.

    1. By law of contracts, contracts may be in the form of oral or written.

    2. The main contractor is responsible for all faults committed by sub-contractors or itself to the employer. However, the main contractor may claim the sub-contractors if the faults are committed by the latter.

    3. Contracts expressed in writing is not due to its value. Usually it is to capture the technical details and specifications which are too many for oral communication. Written contracts can also avoid disputes due to poor oral communication.

  • Bluedy
    Lv 7
    1 十年前

    1. 我記得可以係 verbal contract

    2. 是否 main contractors 和 sub-contractors; 如果係, 所有sub-con 的所有過失, main con 都要負責

    3. 就算寫得好完整, 都很難描述每一點, 所以.......

    我唔係呢方面的專家, 只可以用common sense 答你