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大學d essay應該點寫ga?!

我岩岩升大學year1,,,讀緊social work,,不過大學d essay我真係唔知點寫好=.= 科科都話not only describe,,要reflection...我明明就reflect緊,,但出到黎又好低分!!!!!!!!!!><

我f.7讀文學ga,, d文學都算唔錯,,但就係唔知點解交大學d essay 交親都咁低分?!!! 我真係好唔開心,,有冇人可以下路吖!!?!"

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  • Mick
    Lv 7
    1 十年前

    Since you are a university student, I guess it is ok for me to answer your question in English.

    Studying literature in a secondary school is very different from studying social work in a university. When you write an essay of university standard, not only you need to outline your knowledge of the subject, you also need to demonstrate some application and originality. Application means applying the book knowledge to everyday life. Originality refers to giving recommendation on any shortcomings.

    I think you should ask your professor what exactly is required in the essay. He/She is the only person who assesses your essay and who can help you. Make an appointment to consult him/her. Every professor will be happy to talk to students who want to learn.

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