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穎欣 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 1 十年前

Before the WWII(第二次世界大戰前)

☆Was education good?

☆How many teacher has high degree?

☆Was the school have good teacher to teach the student?

(只須回答問題,可以唔洗禁詳細..但係要快回!!! )

(use english...!)


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  • K
    Lv 7
    1 十年前

    Before the WWII, was education good (in HK)?Certainly not. Most people were poor and couldn't afford their children to go to school. The "best" time seemed to be the 70s, when the government started to provide free education to the public, and children at that time were much more obedient and eager to learn (compared with today's children).Regarding teachers' qualifications, today is the "best" because nowadays nearly all teachers are university graduates (plus a post grad. diploma in education) while in the past many teachers were non-degree holders (don't forget that by late 90s there were only 2 universities in HK and many graduates did not teach, so "unqualified" teachers were also accepted). However, it doesn't mean that teachers in the past were incompetent. They might not know so many "teaching skills" but they knew a lot and were great people of high integrity.

    2008-11-26 20:00:17 補充:

    ☆How many teacher(s) ha(d) high (qualifications)?

    ☆(Did) the school have good teacher(s) to teach the student(s)?

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