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TOPIC: Workers' rights need to be better protected in Hong Kong and China.




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  • peter
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    1 十年前

    On January 1, 2008 China will implement “the work law of contract” officially; the main purpose is protecting worker's legitimate rights and interests, and promotes the labor management relation accord development. Only this law's implementation possibly produces to the physique bad labor force crowded industry or the manufacturer is not small attacks.

    In 1994 China implemented “the labor law” namely to stipulate: The employer and the worker must schedule the labor contract. But in fact, this stipulation has not carried out the execution, like many employers pick full one year deadline way not to sign the labor contract, dodges discharges with severance pay spends and so on, therefore worker's work rights and interests are unable to obtain the full protection.

    This work law of contract's scheduling, is for the purpose of carrying out in the labor law the related labor contract part, in the article schedules to the manufacturer in the labor contract, discharges with severance pay spends, the mass dismissal laborer, the manpower dispatch, even competes industry forbids and so on, has explicitly the stipulation.

  • tim
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    1 十年前

    Now: Right is related to self esteem , freedom , time , family , money

    Before: no choices , no money no talk even the situation was urgent , no money even OT , no rights to express their opinions , just decided by boss

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