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英文問題speak loud & speak loudly


究竟係speak loud定係speak loudly岩?

我講speak loudly ,我個fd話我錯 話係speak loud喎


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    Based on the saying "Actions speak louder than words," we can find similar expressions using both "loud" and "loudly", such as:Stalled actions speak loud in battle of wordsAdobe's actions speak loudly about ...The facts speak loud and clear ...Jets let actions speak loudly with dismantling of Titans.(the above examples are found through google search)So both are correct. Maybe just like that we can say "hold you tight' though "hold you tightly" seems more acceptable in grammar.The following explanations show the little difference between the two forms: ... loudly的意思是“高聲的”經常可與 loud 通用。但在較正式语言中即表示 “吵嚷不休的噪聲” 的意味,常用 loudly. 例如:1.Don't shout so loud/loudly. 2.When they were arguing,they talked so loudly that the people in the next room could hear every word. http://www.hongzhinet.com/homeworkhelp/question_co... this also:http://www2.chinaedu.com/101resource004/wenjianku/...

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    所以, 你是沒有錯的, 而你朋友則有點執著.

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    呵呵``係speak loudly牙!!!!!!!!!!~~~