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please help me to write an essay(280words)20 marks!!!!!

recent reports have shown that more and more teenagers in hong kong have become shopaholics(購物狂).write an article for your school magazine explaining why they become shopaholics and suggesting what schools and parents can do to help the teenagers.give your article a title.


1.happy/reduce preassure/relax(after shopping)

2.成因:advertising/advertisments/shops(long hours open)/shoppong malls(long hours open)/convenient/credit cards/consumerism

3.example:according to a psyhiatrist,.........

4.compensate metal emptiness

sense of satisfaction/superiority

emotional problems

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    Compulsive shopping can be as serious as compulsive gambling, but most people often feel that the former is not too serious. (just a kind of "bad habits" only?)

    If shopaholics have too many credit cards, they might be tempted to overspend overnight! Clearly, banks tend to "encourage" more people to spend in order to expand their market, so they don't hesitate to grant even college students credit cards.It seems that doing something like shopping (or gambling) can help release pressure after work, but once a person is addicted, it's hard to quit.The following article may give you some useful ideas. Just quote a few lines below for your reference:It is a very pleasurable impulse, and people act on those impulses.Some shop out of loneliness, others for the rush of it, still others to fill some inner need. Some seek greater self-esteem, others use it to battle depression. Some shop to return to a happy childhood, others to escape a bad one.For more details, please go to: adults might tell you that it's wrong to spoil children, but maybe they spoil themselves in their shopping habits. For example, you might find dad's shelf full of GUNDAMs, and in mom's drawer tons of new clothes with price tags not removed yet.[ metal? do you mean mental / psychological ? ]

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