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    The Position of Patterned-Decorative Design

    In the history of art there was a period when Patterned-Decorative Design (PDD) was widely utilized by artists. But after a few centuries the idea of PDD was on a downward trend.

    Nowadays designers have picked up PDD again, infusing it into brand new mediums. The inspirational elements of PDD come from the usage of everyday objects and the nature as its theme.

    PDD in itself is not practical. Its main use is to create artistry and attractiveness. Many designers will incorporate PDD into his design. If deployed correctly PDD would not interfere with the designer’s own concept but will draw attention.

    The rising popularity and increasing deployment of PDD by designers confirmed the position and importance of PDD.

    For example, a film merely featuring the story of the main character would be very monotonous. Likewise a design with only the objective theme would be dull.

    The artistic history of Patterned-Decorative Design, its development, and the effect on its time. Places that utilize PDD. _________________________



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    The lamination decorates the position that is designed

    The lamination decorates and designs one period in the art history, give the artist extensive application,

    Through several centuries, the lamination decorates and designs declining slowly.

    Designer is it incorporate various kinds of brand-new medias to decorate with lamination again now,

    The inspiration element that the lamination decorates comes from the nature and regards thing as the subject matter at one's side.

    The lamination ornament itself is impracticable, it is used for adding aesthetic feeling and increasing appeal mainly,

    Many designers will have in one's own design in addition, the lamination is decorated now,

    Neither influence the concept of works in a situation that use correctly,

    Can also attract people to notice.

    Because the lamination decorates and designs receiving by designer favourably more and more and adoption,

    So has affirmed the lamination decorates the position and important that is designed.

    Such as a film, only the protagonist's story, dull;

    Only design of the subject, will seem unattractive too.

    Artistic history in which the lamination decorates, its development, to the influence at that time. Often adopted the place where the lamination was decorated at that time.

    Adopt the lamination and decorate the place type designed now

    The lamination decorates and designs the element and inspiration adopted

    Example of the ornament design works of current lamination

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    Texture decorative design of the location

    Texture in the design of decorative arts in the history of a period of time, to the artist widely used,

    Through the centuries, the texture of the decorative designs have been slowly declining.

    Designers are now re-use decorative textures into various new media,

    Texture decorative inspiration from the natural elements and objects around us, as the theme.

    Decorative texture is not practical, it is mainly used to add beauty and increase the attractiveness of the

    Now, many designers in their design to add decorative texture,

    In the correct use of the work itself, without affecting the concept of

    It will also attract attention.

    Texture is because more and more decorative design by the architect and welcomed the adoption,

    I am sure the texture of the decorative design and location of the key.

    For example, a set of the film, only the protagonist of the story, and it is inevitable there will be monotonous;

    Similarly, only the main design, appears to be inconspicuous.

    Texture of the decorative arts history, and its development, at that time. At that time, often using decorative texture.

    Texture is used to design decorative manner

    Texture decorative design elements and inspiration to

    At present, texture examples of decorative design work.

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    Texture decoration design position The texture decoration design in an art history time, widely applied for the artist, passes through for several centuries, the texture decoration design already slowly declined. Now the designer uses the texture decoration to integrate on all kinds brand-new media, the texture decoration's inspiration element regards the thing from the nature and the side is a theme. The texture decoration is in itself impractical, it mainly uses for to increase the esthetic sense and to increase the attraction, now many designers will add on the texture decoration in their design, will already not affect work's concept in the correct utilization's situation, may also attract the people to pay attention. Because the texture decoration design gains designer's popularity and the use more and more, therefore has affirmed the texture decoration design position and important. For example set of movies, only then lead's story, will have monotonous unavoidably; Similarly only then the main body design, will appear commonplace. Texture decoration artistic history, its development, to influence then. At that time often used the texture decoration the place.

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