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improve your eye sight

How can you improve your eye sight???

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  • 1 十年前

    To improve your eye sight, you can follow the following measures:

    1. Have regular bed time, it is the best to sleep for 8 hours a day, NEVER burn the midnight oil.

    2. Take a rest in case you are very tired or exhausted by the hectic or busy work.

    3. Avoid reading under Strong light Or Weak light. This may hurt your eyes.

    4. In case you have short sight, do wear a pair of spectacle to make you see things clearly. A short-sighted person who doesn't wear spectacles may make the short-sight be more serious.

    5. Always have a sound mind, it can always help you to be healthy.

    6. See more green things. Some famous eye experts claimed that green light rays are the most suitable for eyes.

    7. Watch less TV and don't stay at the computer for a long time. Tabke a short break for 30 mins.

    8. Try the measures mentioned in the above and see if you can improve your eye-sight. I am sure that the above measures can make your eye-sight be better and can receive a pleasing result.

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