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cater to/for 10分

cater to, cater for係唔係有分別?

cambridge 話 cater to : to try to satisfy a need, especially an unpopular or generally unacceptable need




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    字典已經係我地的「啞老師」, 有字唔識解唔識用, 除了可以問真人老師, 就要問這個假老師。 如果你對佢有懷疑, 唯一的辦法就係查下其他字典求證, 或者上網找實例。

    2. To be particularly attentive or solicitous; minister: The nurses catered to my every need. The legislation catered to various special interest groups.





    Web Services That Cater To Both The Publisher And The Reader



    The Athenaeum is fortunate to have a dedicated, cheerful and professional catering staff who can cater to the highest standards.

    某飲食業的機構擁有一個歇誠為提供專業, 高質素服務而努力的團隊


    New RIM apps cater to consumer, not corporate users

    迎合個人的客戶, 而非公司的用家


    New breed of elite prostitutes cater to India's rich



    Coworking sites cater to the lonely self-employed



    實例 [1] 至 [3] 都不含正面或負面的意思。

    唯有實例[4] 和 [5] 有偏向負面, 尤其係 [4], 意思似乎話 「專門為富豪所提供的妓女服務」, 就最接近Longman字典所講及的意思啦!

    我個人認為, Longman字典的解釋並無錯, 只係提醒我們這用法有正反兩面的意思, 但可能解釋未夠全面以致未能令讀者完全理解, 而其他字典則無特別提及此含意。我相信係可以照平常噤用cater to係無問題。因為要理解意思有時並不是單靠一句說話, 仲要睇埋上文下理。


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    修正: 睇返內文, 例子[5] 並無任何負面意思 (unpopular/ unaccepted)。

    ******* 以上例子只係純粹引用作理解cater to的意思, 而絕無對任何人有歧視之意。

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    你好! eicahan


    我並非忘記回答問題的另一半, 係majungle話發現cater to 和 cater for有分別, 不過我上述已經講左, 根據freedictionary.com字典的解釋, 整體上cater to 和 cater for沒有甚麼分別。我以為我已經解釋到我的意思, 所以無明確指出: 唯一的分別, 就係cater to 可以用於形容負面的話題。

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    你重複問我同一個問題, 莫非是為了另一條題目?

    as soon as後應用甚麼tense?

    如果我為自己的答案解釋時, 令你有hard feeling, 我就此向你講聲 「唔好意思!」. 我只係對事不對人, 我並無留意那個答案是你的. 我只係本著「追求知識真相」的態度去答問題, 希望能夠跟發問者清楚講出我自己的看法. 別無他想. 希望閣下見諒!!

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    你話cater to : to try to satisfy a need, especially an unpopular or generally unacceptable need是崶的。

    cater for意思相似,比cater to較為常見。不特別為especially an unpopular or generally unacceptable need,例如cater for a meal(包伙食)

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    You quoted a lot of examples for the use of cater to.

    But you seemed to have forgotten about the other part of the question i.e. CATER FOR.

    Will you explain the difference in meaning with quoted examples. Thank you.

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    Contrary to what you said,

    1.majungle did ask 'cater to, cater for係唔係有分別?', not 'majungle話發現cater to 和 cater for有分別' as you said above,

    2008-10-03 19:35:43 補充:


    2.I cannot find in your orginal answer that '根據freedictionary.com字典的解釋, 整體上cater to 和 cater for沒有甚麼分別。'although you said '不過我上述已經講左,...'and '我以為我已經解釋到我的意思, 所以無明確指出...'.

    2008-10-03 19:47:09 補充:


    3. You did not answer the question 'cater to, cater for係唔係有分別?' That was why I requested and am still requesting you for an explanation of 'cater for' and some examples. Thank you!