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韦伯 max weber






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    Without a doubt, the Weber is not before death remains obscure completely. But the people to his understanding, actually far from today like this have the certain extent uniformity. We regard in a big way today the Weber the sociology three “the founder” one (other two for Dille Kime [EilDurkheim], Qi Meier [GorgSimmel, also translates mat US, or Simerl]), this point obtained the recognition now. Weber before death destiny imagines far compared to everybody wants “pitifully”. In 1919, in the Weber thought when one is a sociologist, obtained Munich University to be hired the notice. He hoped that he is appointed by Munich University as “the sociology” professor, but is exactly this desire has not obtained satisfies. Hopes just right with him opposite, Munich University even makes in the assignment document stipulated explicitly, the Weber do not teach the sociology in the university the curriculum. In the heart feels not the quick Weber really, also does not have the means that can only accept the fact (teaching name not to be actually unimportant, he content which says in class with sociology close related).

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    Before the World War II ended, a US sociologist once had made an investigation, when the inquiry produced the profound influence first three sociologists to the American sociology, nobody mentioned the Weber. (The survey result is: Spenser, Qi Meier and Dille Kime.)

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     The Weber passed away the preceding year (in 1919), he has made two lectures on the Munich University Student association's invitation, latter has based on this published "Academic and "Takes Occupation as Occupation" Politics" two booklets.

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    In addition in 1905 expressed "Protestantism Ethics and Capitalism Spirit", almost was the Weber also slightly has knowledge for the people only to have the literature before death.

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    The Weber can have before death the prestige, comes from the academic circle, and rather comes from the outside. If the Weber life in the present, he a little looks like such before the media (television, broadcast) to publish frequently to the current event view scholar.

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    The Weber participated at that time Germany's social politics deeply, expresses the view frequently on some social question.

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    He mostly and this kind of activity is related in before death popularity. Other spot is so-called “Haidebao's mystical legend” halo effect to Weber influence. Weber Haidebao time is also Haidebao in the history of learning one of most magnificent times.

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    Participates in and manages each kind of academic Sharon, was at that time popular in Haidebao's intellectual.

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