i want Charles Dickens生平表(eng) 20点

i want Charles Dickens生平表(eng)

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    Charles Dickens was born on 7 February 1812 in Landport, Portsmouth, in Hampshire

    the family moved to Chatham, Kent. In 1822

    In May 1827, Dickens began work, in the law office of Ellis and Blackmore

    In 1829 a court stenographer and,

    In 1830, met his first love, Maria Beadnell

    In 1834, Dickens became a political journalist, reporting on parliamentary debate and travelling across Britain by stagecoach to cover election campaigns for the Morning Chronicle.His journalism, in the form of sketches which appeared in periodicals from 1833, formed his first collection of pieces Sketches by Boz which were published in 1836 and led to the serialization of his first novel, The Pickwick Papers, in March 1836.

    On 2 April 1836, he married Catherine Thompson Hogarth (1816 – 1879)