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    a bad egg

    壞蛋 (a bad person, bum)

    That man is a bad egg so you should try and avoid him if you can.

    a hard/tough nut to crack


    He is a very serious person and is a very hard nut to crack.

    as nutty as a fruitcake


    He is a very nice man but he acts strange sometimes and I often think that he is as nutty as a fruitcake.

    a/the big cheese


    He is a big cheese in his company so you should be very nice to him.

    bread and butter


    The voters are worried about bread and butter issues like jobs and taxes.

    bring home the bacon


    Recently he has been working very hard trying to bring home the bacon. He has no time to do anything else.

    butter both sides of one's bread


    He's buttering both sides of his bread - he works for us during the day and has a job with another company during the evening.

    butter wouldn't melt in one's mouth

    道貌岸然; 表面上一副忠厚老實相

    She always looks as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. (這成語通常用在 "look as if" 之後)

    carrot and stick


    The government took a carrot and stick approach to the people who were illegally protesting against the construction of the dam.

    chew the fat


    We stayed up very late last night chewing the fat about our university days.

    (as) cool as a cucumber

    泰然自若;(遇到麻煩或困難) 極為冷靜

    He is always as cool as a cucumber and never worries about anything.

    (the) cream of the crop


    The company is well-known as a good place to work and is always able to hire the cream of the crop of university graduates.

    cry over spilt milk


    Don't cry over spilt milk. The past is past and you can't do anything to change it.

    cut the mustard


    He wasn't able to cut the mustard so he had to leave the army after only one year.

    (as) different as chalk and/from cheese


    Mary and Lily are sisters, but they are as different as chalk and cheese.