Song of Gone with the Wind

請問有無人知道一首 oldies 叫 Gone with the Wind?

唔係套電影嗰首Theme, 係有個男人唱的 (好細個時聽過,但忘了是誰唱的)

首歌好似 Higgins Bertie 首 Casablanca 咁唱 Casablanca 套電影的

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  • 1 十年前

    嘩! 真係好耐咯! "Gone with the Wind" 係1937年嘅冠軍歌, 由 Allie Wrubel作曲, Herb Magidson作詞, Horace Heidt主唱.

    在Youtube 有 Muppet Show (芝蔴街) Jim Nobors 唱嘅版本睇. 你自已揾吓啦, 呢度唔 post 得 link .

    資料來源: Veni - Vidi - Vici
  • 1 十年前

    Thanks for the link, i seached it but can't find it.

    It's an oldies, likes "Platter - Smoke Gets in your Eyes" or "Rightoues Brother - Unchained Melody"

  • 1 十年前

    呢度有一堆關於 Gone with the Wind歌曲,睇吓搵唔搵到你想要果隻.