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例:attarck係verb,咁noun係乜個D!一打個字,就有佢的noun 或adj

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  • Baggio
    Lv 7
    1 十年前

    Most on line 英文字典 will give you the 形態.

    You can check the Yahoo 字典. For most words that have the same spelling the dictionary will list our all the 形態.

    However, for words that have different spelling of difference 形態, you have to look at the word list and find out similar spelling to check whether this word is relating to the word that you are looking for.

    For example - spoil :

    When you find this word under "s" and you will see that "spoil" has the 形態 of verb and noun.

    But to find the adjective, you have to look down for similar spelling words, then you will find "spoilt", which is an adjective of "spoil".

    Even normal dictionary will not give you all the different 形態 when you look at one word. So you have to learn how to use a dictionary or an on line dictionary.

    In fact, with this method you can have better memory of the word searched.

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