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    - the plan is cheap. But seems quite crowd. You better avoid going during the peak hours. However, i have look from the web, the PT sounds quite nice. And they will teach you to use the machine if you ask them to.


    - The facilities are good and new. However, You have to fight the price with the agent. and the PT is really troublesome. If you wanna go there, don't expect the PT will teach you without money. And if you pay too low for the Training course, they will not put much effort to teach you.

    TP gym

    - seems more men than women, their plan are including PT, the price is about 2xx - 3xx, depending how long you join. However, you have to fight the price with them...

    - They said that they will teach you how to use the machine and organize a training plan to you to achieve your goal.

    - They have only one gym in Mongkok.

    Modern fitness (For ladies only)

    - I have look on the web. The price seems relatively cheap. and suitable for ladies.

    Pure fitness

    - The price seems relatively high. But the facilities seems good.

    Fitness first

    - The price seem relatively high. But the facilities seems good.

    The above is my personal ideas only. Hope this could help :)

    If you wanna know more detail about Gym. Please go to this website. i think this could help.


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    除呢兩間外 , Physical , California

    YOGA都有的 ..