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find common words about these topic?

common words about these topics eg: dentist's office, lecture hall, a computer lab, the library, gymnasium, radio, newpaper, social sciences and arts. What are words or vocabularies ofter to use in that times? Please help me to find it!

-Please make a topic type of common words.

-Please help me!

Thank You Very Much!

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  • Gladie
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    1 十年前

    dentist's office

    bib / dental floss/ dentist / dentist's chair / drill / hygienist / instruments / light / mask / paper cup / paper towels / patient / patient's chart / rinse bowl / rubber gloves / sink/ soap / toothbrush / X-ray / X-ray machine

    lecture hall – lecture platform, microphone, loudspeakers, light, slides, chairs, leaflets/booklets

    a computer lab – computers offices,

    lab staff, desk top computers, lap-top computers, tower, mouse, speakers/headset, microphone, floppy disk drive, monitor, keyboard, CD Rom drive, printer, scanner, usb stick, DVD Rom drive, blank CDs/DVDs

    the library

    book return / books and magazines / card catalog / cassette tape / chair / clock / computer / desk / film projector / head phones / librarian / table / tape player / T.V. / VCR

    gymnasium- classrooms, teachers, textbooks, blackboard, training room, exercising room, equipments,

    radio- FM/AM wave, channels switch, on/off switch, volume control button, antenna

    newpaper- news, columnists, advertisements, weather forecast, TV programme, announcements

    social sciences and arts- criminology, history, human rights, politics and international relations, law, psychology, sociology, art performance, creation, screen studies