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你對2008北京奧運有什麼感想? 用英文80~100字 急要 ! 20 20 marks ! 20 20 marks

你對2008北京奧運有什麼感想? 用英文80~100字 急要 ! 20 20 marks ! 20 marks ! Help !

Don't copy to me !


Don't copy to me ! ! !

I know that !

Don't copy to me !

Thank you everyone !

Please ! please ! pLeAsA !

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  • 1 十年前

    This summer the long anticipated Beijing 2008 Olympics was held, though I only got to see it all on television, I am as excited as any athletes participating. The Beijing 2008 Olympics was very successful, China had the most gold medals and everything was very organized and smooth. Before I did not think much of the mainland, only that it is dirty and that the people there are rude, but my prospect changed, seeing China getting the chance to be the host of the Olympics, turned my perspective around. Only a country with enough financial power and significance in the world could get to have the Olympic games held in their country.It is true that China is very powerful in the world and plays an important role. I am proud to be Chinese and proud of my country!

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