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British Airways suitcase limit

What's the limit size for my handcarry (suitcase though)...

and how many pieces am I allowed? Because I must bring my laptop with me seperate from handcarry...does it matter how MANY pieces I bring with me on board?

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    Provided that you fly from Hong Kong to London/Europe only

    FIRST and Club World – 3 Bags

    Club Europe and World Traveller Plus- 2 Bags

    World Traveller and Euro Traveller – 1 Bag

    Maximum dimensions per bag (H+W+L): 158cm (62in)

    Maximum weight per bag: 23kg (51lbs)*

    From November 2008, a flat fee of 25 GBP will be applied to bags weighing more than 23kg (51lbs). This charge is to cover the additional handling that bags weighing over 23kg (51lbs) can attract. Please note that BA will not accept a bag heavier than 32kg (70lbs) as checked baggage.

    The following allowances apply:

    one standard-sized bag - maximum size of the bag must not exceed 56x45x25cm (22x17.5x9.85in) (including wheels, pockets and handles)

    In addition, one laptop sized bag, handbag or briefcase

    A 23kg(51lbs) maximum bag weight applies and you must be able to lift the bag into the overhead lockers in the aircraft cabin unaided.

    If your journey involves another carrier, you should check your hand baggage allowance with the airline/airport before travelling.

    If you are flying on British Airways franchise or codeshare services, you should be aware that baggage allowances may vary.

    Info from British Airways