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    It starts after a year the four Pevensie children came out of the magic wardrobe,the whole world they knew had changed.The Telmarins ruled Narnia and forced the talking beasts into the forest,dacing tree nolonger move and peace out of Narnia.Prince Caspian's uncle Miraz killed his father but kept Caspian alive because he didn't have an heir.When he got his own son,he tried to kill him.The Prince's teacher told Caspian to escape to the forest with Susan's horn.When the person blew the horn,help will arrive.Caspian blew it and summoned the Pevensie children back.They saw the ruins of Cair Paravel,the palace they once lived.They met Trumkin the dwarf(also known as DLF:dear little friend).They went to meet Caspian in the Aslan's How,who had accepted to be Narnian's King.Peter challenges Miraz a single combat to buy time for the walking tree to arrive to the battle.When Aslan arrived the battle,the telmarine soldires surrender and the battle is over.Aslan had made a door of two uprights and a crossbeam across the top of the uprights.Peter and Susan are told by Aslan that they will never return to Narnia.Then,to allay the Telmarines' fears,Peter and the rest of the children go through the doorway.They arrive back at the railway station from which the adventure began,just as the train is pulling into the station.

    Peter Pevensie is the oldest of the Pevensie siblings and is a skilled sword-fighter.He doesn't believe Lucy's talk of seeing Aslan at first but later Aslan appears and he apologizes.

    Susan Pevensie is the second eldest of the Pevensie children and is a highly skilled archer.She doesn't believe Lucy's talk of seeing Aslan at first but later Aslan appears and she apologizes.She says that she had known deep inside that Lucy was telling the truth,but had been stubborn.

    Edmund Pevensie is the third Pevensie child.He believes Lucy and follows her,mentioning that in their first adventure they didn't believe her and she turned out to be right.

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    Lucy Pevensie is the youngest Pevensie child.Lucy is the first to see Aslan again.Aslan - The Great Lion and creator of Narnia.Prince Caspian is the true king of Narnia.Caspian reappears (as King Caspian) in the two subsequent books in the series:The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and

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    The Silver Chair and makes a brief appearance in the end of The Last Battle.Miraz is Caspian's uncle and technically only Regent while Caspian is underage, though he plans to usurp the throne for himself and his heirs. He tolerates Caspian only so long as he (Miraz) has no children of his

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    own,as he needs an heir to the throne.He dies when stabbed in the back by Lord Glozelle after his duel with Peter.Doctor Cornelius is Caspian's (half-dwarf, half-human) tutor and also aids in the Narnians' defeat of the Telmarines.Trumpkin is a red-Dwarf who helps Caspian defeat Miraz.

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    When he is captured by Miraz's soldiers and taken to Cair Paravel in exile,he meets the Pevensie children and leads them to Caspian.Nikabrik is a black-Dwarf in Caspian's army.Although at first not wanting to fight alongside Caspian he changes his mind.He wants to fight Miraz by calling

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    up the White Witch,with the black magic of a hag and a werewolf.However,he,the hag and the werewolf are killed.Trufflehunter is the wise old badger who aids Prince Caspian in his struggle and is faithful to Aslan and old Narnia.He helps Caspian and saves him from the storm in the

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    forest by taking him in to his den.Reepicheep is a large,dark,talking mouse who carries a rapier and wears a red plume tucked in his golden circlet.He is a direct descendant of the mice who chewed through the ropes that held Aslan down to the stone table. He thinks highly of his honour

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    and aids Caspian in battle. Sorry there's no chinese because i don't know how to type.

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