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1. 你們認為他有無選錯人呢?

2. 她可否吸納原為希拉里的支持者轉投麥凱因/佩琳的陣營呢?


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    1. No one knows. For instance, a lot of people complaining Bush of his policy in Iraq. In fact, there are almot half of the nation population voted for his reelection. So did you think they vote for the wrong person?

    McCain chose her with several reasons. The main reason is Palin conserve a lot of traditional American value, such as family, guns, and so on. Since JFK, although it is a half and half situation (half of the president from congress and half from state governor). But recently, more governors get elected because of their skill, such as Reagan, Carter, Clinton, George W. Bush. And Palin is the only governor in this election. So you can really think about this choice.

    2. No one knows. In a traditional election, usually voters vote based on party not the candidate. Recently, this changes. For instance, California Governor "The Terminator" is a Republic in a Democrat state. Therefore, it is possible that ex-Hilary supporter go to McCain (which is what Obama afraid of).