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怎樣可在「pdf 格式」寫嘢? thanks

我有時會download「pdf 格式」的表格,怎樣可在表格上寫嘢? thanks

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  • makoto
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    1 十年前

    不是每份 pdf 表格都可以直接在Adobe Reader上寫嘢.

    只有interactive 的pdf 表格才可以在Adobe Reader上寫嘢.

    如果你download 出來的是一份interactive 的pdf 表格, 你就可以用以下方法在表格上寫嘢:

    Fill in forms:

    Start by selecting either the Hand tool or the Select tool. When you place the pointer over an interactive form field, the pointer icon changes to one of the following:

    The Pointing Finger or Pointing Hand Plus tool appears when the pointer is over a button, radio button, check box, or item in a list.

    The Select tool appears when you can select an item in a list.

    The I-beam tool appears when you can type text into a form field.

    Move from one form field to the next by pressing the Tab key. To delete an entry, press the Esc key. When you finish the form, click the Submit Form button. If the PDF author has enabled the local save capability on the form, you can also choose File > Save As to rename the file and save the form with your information without submitting it.