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The hot island phenomenon (熱島現象)was one starts from 1960 ages, appeared a topicality climate phenomenon in the world each place big city. Concrete, regardless of from early morning to sunset after, city part temperature all compared to peripheral locality unusual high. This phenomenon was photographs the Earth by the satellite from the upper air by infrared to discover in the picture city area temperature has the very obvious difference, looked like the city part on probably in a peripheral locality floating island. The unusual temperature rise main reason, comes from the building and the pitch sunlight regeneration, in the building air conditioning equipment which the city interior stands in great numbers the hot air which discharges, the city dome effect which trees' reduction produces. Because the temperature outdoes, therefore can appear the sudden rainfall. In recent years, the building to the upper air development, the rivers coast is covered unceasingly, all obstructs the flowing which keeps out the wind, intensified the city internal high temperature

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    The hot island phenomenon is a to start from 1960's, at a local weather phenomenon appeared by big city in the whole world.Concretely say, no matter since the morning went to sunset, part in the city of the temperature all compare a perimeter region Gao of the abnormality.This phenomenon is the temperature of region in the city been from Gao empty take the Earth by infrared ray and found photograph by the man-made satellite to have very obvious difference, look partially good elephant in the city is in the perimeter region of one float an island.Abnormality of the temperature rise main reason and come from the Xu of the sun light of building and asphalt hot, inner part in the city stands up like a forest of the air-condition in the building is ejected of hot air, dome effect in the city produced by the decrease of tree.Because temperature Gao Chu, so will appear abrupt rainfall.The last few years, the building continuously develops toward Gao Kong, river littoral overlay, all cover the fluxion of breeze, the heat that turns worse inner part in the city turns.

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