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Can I fit in HK?

I am a chinese, born in HK but migrated to another country when I was 2 years old. Due to this, I can only converse in Cantonese but I speak with an accent that disguishes myself from the locals. In short, I feel like a foreigner at times. However, I know English and I can read,write and speak simple Mandarin. In fact, my Mandarin is better than my Cantonese! Basically, I can be considered as an illiterate if I were to depend on my poor standard of Cantonese but I would like to know whether I'll be able to find a job with high salary in HK if I know English?

In addition, my relatives and I have different beliefs- apparently to them, I am too liberal and they think I am too "americanised" in my diet and lifestyle. It doesn't help that I have no Cantonese friends and that I don't know much about chinese festivals and celebrations other than chinese new year.

So I was just wondering whether I would be alienated by the locals....

In case you're wondering, my cousin is helping me to navigate this chinese yahoo website....I can't read a word of it and it really helps if you were to reply in English! Thanks a lot and I do value your opinions!

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    Don't worry, you will. Remember two years ago, I relocated to this city with my family from NY for good. My daughters were born in NY, when they first came to Hk, they hardly spoke Chinese, and they were sent to a so called international school, I found this school when I was still in US, I probably did not do enough research. after school started and since I go to school to pick them up everyday, I found out that there are a lot of local people instead of foreigner, the school is called American International School and I don't see one American except my daughters, I was confused that why do local people go to international school for, isn't international school for those whose mother tongue is not Chinese? After two years hanging out with those Hong Kong people,they speak Hong Kong English fluently and some other Hong Kong Slangs that I don't understand, I was so regret bringing them to Hong Kong and might send them back to the states next year. So you don't worry, just hang out more with your Chinese friends and then you will be fused and be the part of them.