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    Secret garden summary

    Chapter 1, "There's No One Left" Summary

    Mary Lennox is thought to be the most disagreeable child ever seen, pitifully thin with waxy-looking skin, limp hair and a miserable disposition. Her family is from England, living now in India. Mary's mother puts her into the care of an Ayah, an Indian nursemaid, just after she is born, and rarely sees her. Mary grows up in the care of native servants who give her way in everything so she won't start to cry and disturb her mother. By the time Mary is six years old, she is a selfish tyrant who chases away the English governesses who are hired to teach her.

    One morning when Mary is about nine years old, she awakens to a day that feels wrong. The servant by her bed is not her Ayah...

    Chapter 2 "Mistress Mary Quite Contrary" Summary

    Mary is taken first to the home of an English clergyman where the children nickname her, "Mistress Mary Quite Contrary" because she is so disagreeable. Later, Mary's uncle, Mr. Archibald Craven, sends his housekeeper to London to meet Mary when she arrives. Mary thinks Mrs. Medlock is very disagreeable. Mrs. Medlock thinks Mary looks plain, sickly and spoiled. Medlock tells Mary about her new home on the train ride to Yorkshire.

    Misselthwaite Manor is gloomy, but very grand with nearly a hundred rooms - six hundred years old and is on the edge of a moor,. Mrs. Medlock does not know what Mary will do there, but assures her that her uncle will not trouble her because he pays attention to no one and is rarely there. She warns Mary.....

    Chapter 3, "Across the Moor" Summary

    Mrs. Medlock awakens Mary when they arrive at Thwaite Station. She does not offer to help as Mrs. Medlock collects all their belongings. Mrs. Medlock is greeted first by the stationmaster and then by the footman who ushers them into a carriage for the ride across to the manor. They speak in an odd, broad fashion that is characteristic of Yorkshire.

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