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蚊帳尺寸 : 85(闊)x115(長)x85(高) cm

摺疊後成圓餅狀,直徑60cm, 厚2cm



360度全包設計, 給BB全面保護

可直接放在BB床上使用, 也可放在地上,車內及戶外使用

兩面U形拉鏈門口, 方便使用

贈送精美日式不織布收納手抽袋, 方便攜帶, 全港獨有架!


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  • wong
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    1 十年前

    Mosquito net size: after 85(extravagant) x115 (long) x85 (high) cm folds, full

    circle caky,diameter 60cm, thick 2cm.Does not need to install 3 second ball to

    open,8 second info clerk.The dexterous ventilation and passes the visual degree

    to be high. 360 degree entire package designs, for the BB comprehensive prote

    ction. May place on the BB bed to use directly, may also place ground, in vehi

    cle and outdoors use. Both sides U shape zipper entrance, facilitates the use. Be

    stows finely Japanese-style does not weave cotton cloth the info clerk hand to

    pull out the bag, facilitates carries, Hong Kong is in sole possession of the fra

    me! The contact and the purchase details may refer to introduce oneself.


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  • 1 十年前

    Nets Size: 85 (W) x115 (long) x85 (high) cm folded after a round Bingzhuang, diameter 60 cm, thick 2 cm bounce backward do not need to install three seconds, eight seconds incorporate lightweight breathable and 360-degree perspective of the whole high-package design , To the full protection of BB BB directly on the use of bed, can also be placed on the ground, both inside and outdoor use of U-shaped zipper door, user-friendly, beautifully presented included hand-pumped non-woven bags, portable, all alone A-! Contact and purchase details can be found in self-introduction

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