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60 eng phrases.. 10分

60 eng phrases, plx

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    "English phrases"

    A rising tide lifts all boats

    Aging out

    Agree to disagree

    All India

    All rights reversed

    Almighty dollar

    American way

    And Now for Something Completely Different

    Andre the Giant Has a Posse

    Apple of my eye

    As Maine goes, so goes the nation

    As the crow flies

    At last she moves

    Axis of evil

    Back and to the left

    Bad and Wrong

    Banality of Evil

    Baptism by fire

    Barefoot and pregnant

    Bargain bin

    Be Ye Men of Valour

    Bed of roses

    Better dead than red

    Big Hairy Audacious Goal

    Bless you

    Bob's your uncle

    The Boy Who Cried Wolf

    Boy next door

    Bread and butter

    Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

    Bury the hatchet

    By hook or by crook

    Carrot and stick

    Cellar door

    Chattering classes

    Chewbacca defense

    Choose the right

    City upon a Hill

    Click here

    Colorless green ideas sleep furiously

    English compound

    Consolidation Acts

    Crack of doom

    Crocodile tears

    Crossroads (culture)

    Cut and run

    Cut to the chase

    Eight Deadly Words

    Elvis has left the building

    Embarrassment of riches


    England expects that every man will do his duty

    Eschew obfuscation

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