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hope,want,desire,expect,yearn for 點用法?

hope,want,desire,expect,yearn for 點用法?係邊一個情況下可使用到?有冇個限制咁...

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    Hope 希望---I hope that I will successed.我希望我會成功.

    Want想--Somebody wants to see you.有人想見你.

    Desire渴望--People desire peace.人們渴望和平.(渴望唔一定會有)

    Expect預期--He expected to finish the work by March.他預期三月份完成這項工作.

    Yearn for渴望,憐憫--Her heart yearned for the starving, homeless children.她的心憐憫那些挨餓的無家可歸的兒童.(意思同desire差不多!)

    You can check this on dictionary! Meaning in chinese may be is about same, actually are difference, you use it depend on what the situation is!

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