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wendy w 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 1 十年前

what is easy to make with denim?

i need to make some kind of stuff in h.m class.

i want some suggests. which is easy to make and beauty making by denim!!

2 個解答

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    1 十年前

    How To Make a Denim Pocket Quilt

    Have a bunch of holey jeans that are no longer suitable for wear? Then, turn them into a cozy and stylish denim pocket quilt.

    Difficulty: Easy

    Time Required: A weekend

    Here's How:

    Decide how big you want your denim squares to be. (The quilt shown in the picture uses eight inch squares) Then, create a template that matches your chosen size.

    Use the template to trace squares around the pockets on your jeans. Then, cut out the squares.

    Next, use the template to trace and cut squares out of the rest of the jean material. You should be able to get several squares out of each leg.

    Once you have enough squares, lay them out on the floor to design the pattern for your quilt. Keep moving the squares around until you have an arrangement that you like.

    Sew the squares together into rows.

    Note: Since denim is such a thick material, you will need to use a denim needle and upholstery thread to complete this project. You will also need to experiment with the tension on your sewing machine to find a setting that works.

    Then, sew the rows together to create the quilt top.

    Cut a backing for the quilt, and sew it to the quilt top on three sides (good sides facing in). Then, flip the good sides out, and stitch up the open edge. Your quilt is now ready for use!

  • 1 十年前