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    We have to establish a policy for discount promotion. This will reduce the depreciation rate of our products and eliminate the possibility of loss. If a product still have a large amount of stock in the warehouse within a certain period, we will launch the discount promotion to get rid of the stock. The discount rate is 10% of original selling price.

    We have to establish a SISS system. Its function is to reinforce the organization structure as a back up for the strategy. This include manpower, equipments and, the collecting and handling procedure of information.

    This method will also facilitate the relationship between the company and the customers.

    We will hold a general meeting on the 5th of each month, whereas all department heads should attend. The main objective is to understand the working progress of each Department. We will also set up a complete system and working procedure, and appoint or set up a position specifically work on the co-ordination of work flow between Departments.

    Looking for more target customers is the first step of the sales program, and also a crucial method in obtaining fruitful result in the sales program.

    Our existing customers will introduce or recommend new customers to the company.

    We will organize marketing promotion activities regularly so as to build up and present a positive image of the company to the public.

    This will also lead to depreciation of products.

    This will help answering any related questions that the customers will be asking.

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  • 1 十年前

    We must formulate a set of price reductions promotion policy, like

    this is avoids the goods appearing buckles the old situation, thus

    brings about the loss. If in assigns in the goods warehouse goods in

    stock also to be left over by a set time the massive cargos, we then

    can carry on the promotion price reduction sale goods, the discount

    rate for 10%.

    We must establish a set of SISS system, its function mainly uses for

    to support the strategy the form structure, including the personnel,

    the equipment and obtains and the processing information procedure.

    This method also can raise the company customer's relations.

    We meet each month 5 to hold time of plenary sessions, various

    departments' manager must attend, the main goal is needs to understand

    various departments the work progress. We also can set up the perfect

    system and the work flow, and can appoint or set up a position

    specially to coordinate various departments the work.

    Seeks the more goals object is the sale campaign first step, also is

    obtains successfully in sales promotion must the method.

    The existing visitor introduced or provides the new visitor to give

    the company.

    We can regularly conduct some market introduction activities, produces

    to the company advantageous frontage public report.

    Like this also can appear the product buckles the old situation.

    Like this is helpful also to be helpful the related question which

    explains the customer possibly to inquire.



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