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Interdependence between living organisms and the environment

Due to air pollution, the Earth's temperature continues to rise.Some scientists estimate that by 2060, 22 000 polar bears will have died because of the melting of drift ice.

How can we save them?

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  • 1 十年前

    Because of the growing air pollution problem,increasing global temperature becomes a serious problem that every out-standing scientists and organizations,also governments to pay much attentions on it.

    Increasing global temperature is effecting everone in the Earth,including us.No wonder you feel sweltering although it is near winter.Wake up!The Earth is under the weather.Because of the serious air polluction,the weather becomes strange and unfamilier.South Pole should be icy and cold but many experiments prove that the ice of it is melting by a speedy action.My friends,let us think for a while, if the iced area melt and the ice become water and that mean the large number of water will rolled into the countries which are the places we are living now.It is amazing to see someone can alive at that moment.It will be a terrible dream for all people such as you and me so we have to do something now.Don't be puzzled anymore.You do it because of your grandson or yourself.We have to change this nightmare using everyone's effort.

    First of all,we should use public transports to waste less natural resources.When you are leaving homes,you could think about taking MTR,buses or anything that can be wasteless.If you really are in need of taking taxi or your private cars,invite your friends to get on the transport with you.Always think to was-te less resources that you can.

    Secondly,make less rubbish,including unused plastic bags and unposable chopsticks.While workers making plastic bags,the baneful chemicals will full of the air and pollute the freh air.Always bring your own bag to markets and try to make less unneeded rubbish.Also we should support the concise adornment products to make producers change their wasteful means.

    Be honest,if you want the air to be fesh as before,you will know all the means to make it without others' suggestions.When is the last day of the Earth?It's up to you and me!

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