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想問係 Excel 既 v look up formula

想問 v look up forumula


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  • 1 十年前

    Say like you have a table

    cell A1: Student ID

    cell B1: Student Name

    cell C1: Student date of birth

    cell A2: 1001

    cell B2: Chan

    cell C2: June 12th

    cell A3: 1002

    cell B3: Lee

    cell C3: April 17th

    say you want to lookup student name by referring to their student ID,

    so you put [1001] in cell F1

    and then put a vlookup formula in cell G1


    Explanation of the formula:

    F1 - refers to the lookup value, in this case is [1001]

    A:C - refers to lookup range, usually is the range of the table

    2 - refers to the lookup column in the table , if you put [1], it will look at column 1, if you put [3] it will look at column 3 , which is the date of birth

    false - means find exact match , true will be the closest match of the lookup column

    in vlookup, the lookup value has to be the left most column in the table, if you switch the order of the column , you have to adjust the lookup formula.

    Besides vlookup, there's lookup and hlookup , but vlookup is the most common one.

    let me know if you have any question.