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我條利識顛, 應學什麽語言??

my friends suggest me learning Italian or Spanish cos they involve using tongue. but i also want to learn French. i am going to be in form 4 and that would be very busy. i am afraid if i learn a new language i cant concentrate on my english and my study.

should i let it go or else??

(sorry for my poor english X(

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    Italian,Spanish and French are both tongue using language~

    However, i'm not recommend you to learn other language in this period....

    F.4~5 is important as you need to face the public exam.

    But if you feel confident to your English, it's not a big problem to learn one

    more language as a hobby, but not concentrate on it.

    If you have time, it's much more useful to do revision.

    The hgher mark you get in HKCEE, the much more comfortable in the future!

    So, the answer is "let it go" to concentrate on it~

    But learn it as a hobby~And don't always think about it~

    If you make a decision to make it as a hobby, I want to give you a website:

    "Language exchange network" is a new way to learn language.

    You can find your partner in this site, and he/she will teach you the language

    that you want to learn~

    It's free~

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    in my opinion, i would suggest u to study german. this is because speaking german involve ur tongue the most compared to other languages. i don't think studying french could help u with ur tongue as the pronounciation is similar to english.

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