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legislative control measure of construction site safety

Please briefly describe the legislative control measure of construction site safetyin HK

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    (Taken from speech by Mr Stephen Ip)

    "...we recognize the importance of ensuring work safety on our construction sites. For this reason, the Government has commenced blitz inspections to construction sites, with a view to improving work-at-height safety. In collaboration with the Occupational Safety and Health Council, the Labour Department will soon be holding a forum on this subject. We subscribe to the principle that the primary responsibility for safety and health at work lies with those who create the risks and those who work with them. Our strategy is, therefore, to foster self-regulation by duty-holders, and improve the safety performance of their workplaces, through legislation, enforcement, publicity as well as training. The Legal Framework and Safety Management I would like to talk about our legal framework and the future direction for ensuring safety and health at work. At present, we adopt both the goal-setting approach and the prescriptive approach in drawing up our safety legislation. In goal-setting, we do not lay down minimum standards in the statute and do not specify the means of complying with the standards. Instead, we set goals and allow alternative ways of compliance by duty-holders. Our long-term objective is to go for more self-regulation through the goal-setting approach. Where necessary, we will also incorporate in our safety legislation the concepts of risk assessment and safety management which, together, would provide a solid foundation for self-regulation. In my view, the adoption of safety management system at enterprise level is the key to achieving self-regulation and, hence, long-term and sustainable improvement in work safety. The coming into force of the major parts of the Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Safety Management) Regulation in April this year marked a new era of the transition to the safety management approach."