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Jessica 發問於 科學及數學地理學 · 1 十年前

有什麼international organization在四川地震後幫中國


要explain點幫(give wt kinds of support)

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  • Eve
    Lv 7
    1 十年前

    Most international organizations are US based

    1. US Government( Embassy resident In China)美國駐華使館14日代表美國政府向中國紅十字會總會轉交了50萬美元資金捐助,用于中國四川省地震救災工作

    2. Taiwan Business Enterprises donations


    3. Give2Asia Organization (GO)Identifies Initial List of Grantees & Projects for Earthquake Relief & Recovery: Give2Asia is focused on supporting relief efforts by local Chinese organizations for education reconstruction, humanitarian relief, medical support, and reconstruction of housing, agricultural activity and small business recovery.

    4. I InterAction is the largest coalition of U.S.-based international non governmental organizations (NGOs) focused on the world’s poor and most vulnerable people

    nterAction members have been working in Sichuan and nearby provinces in long-term development activities, and have mobilized to assist survivors. Other InterAction members are responding to local needs through partners on the ground who will be distributing essential relief supplies such as food, clean water, medicines, shelter materials and blankets furnished by or purchased with funds from the InterAction members.

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