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匿名 發問於 商業及金融其他 - 商業及金融 · 1 十年前

Office Management

Q1) Describe how you get along with your colleagues ?

Q2) List 5 communication barriers you have experienced recently in your

workplace & explain how you or your company managed to reduce them.

Q3) Describe the selection process in your company.

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  • Eve
    Lv 7
    1 十年前

    Question 1:

    We should develop good interperosnal skills. Understanding that there are individual differences. Show friendliness and warmth to colleagues. Be reasuring to those who worries and is tense and tolerate moments of silence and emphasizes ideas to introverts.We should also learn to work with diffcult people. Be patients and honest to you and your colleagues feelings.

    Question 2:

    1-Missing the meaning. Somethings too much information was given and the words are not easy to understand

    2-Differing interpretations: Interreting a person's meaning differently than he meant it to mean is another barrier. Each person is uniqe. For example, some people feel place is too cold but another person may not think so.

    3-Using difficult words; Some people like to showcase how good their writing is and use very difficult words. This makes it very difficult to understand instructions.

    4-Not listening;People just feel that they are right in everything

    5. Emotional distractions: When people are unhappy, they do not communicate effectivle because their minds are in some place else.

    Question 3)First. the appropriate candidates will be interview in a group of not moe than 10 people. We may give them a written test if it is appropriate. Then We will arrange a first internview for the 5 out of 10. (each about 15-20 minutes to understnad if they are right for this job). Finally, we will choose 2 and interview them each for 30-40 minutes to chhose the most suitable one for the job.

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  • 1 十年前

    you cannot benefit yourself if you are NOT the one doing your own assignment

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