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Quantitative Method (2)

Quitmeyer Electronics Incorporated manufactures the following six microcomputer peripheral devices: internal modems, external modems, graphics circuit boards, CD drives, hard disk drives, and memory expansion boards. Each of these technical products requires time, in minutes, on three types of electronic testing equipment, as shown in the table at the bottom of the page.

The first two test devices are available 120 hours per week. The third (device 3) requires more preventive maintenance and may be used only 100 hours each week. The market for all six computer components is vast, and Quitmeyer Electronics believes that it can sell as many units of each product as it can manufacture. The table that follows summarizes the revenues and material costs for each product:


Device-Internal modem-200 Revenue per unit sold ($) 35 Material cost per unit ($)

Device-External modem-120 Revenue per unit sold ($) 25 Material cost per unit ($)

Device-Graphics circuit board-180 Revenue per unit sold ($) 40 Material cost per unit ($)

更新 2:

Device-CD drive-130 Revenue per unit sold ($) 45 Material cost per unit ($)

Device-Hard disk drive-430 Revenue per unit sold ($) 170 Material cost per unit ($)

Device-Memory expansion board-260 Revenue per unit sold ($) 60 Material cost per unit ($)

更新 3:

In addition, variable labor costs are $15 per hour for test device 1, $12 per hour for test device 2, and $18 per hour for test device 3. Quitmeyer Electronics wants to maximize its profits.

a)Formulate this problem as an LP model.

b)Solve the problem by computer. What is the best product mix?

更新 4:

c)What is the value of an additional minute of time per week on test device 1? Test device 2? Test device 3? Should Quitmeyer Electronics add more test device time? If so, on which equipment?

更新 5:

Test Device 1: Internal Modem-7 External Modem-3 Circutt Board-12 CD Drives-6 Hard Drives-18 Memory Boards-17

Test Device 2: Internal Modem-2 External Modem-5 Circutt Board-3 CD Drives-2 Hard Drives-15 Memory Boards-17

更新 6:

Test Device 3: Internal Modem-5 External Modem-1 Circutt Board-3 CD Drives-2 Hard Drives-9 Memory Boards-2

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    1 十年前

    The best product mix is 497 x 1241 = 195505