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Why TQM success in some organizations while failed in others?

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  • 1 十年前

    TQM = Total Quality Management

    To make it success, its involved the following :

    a. Is that Top management has commitment to do well ? and keep long term.

    b. Is that the System well design that the Quality of each step/operation in the

    company are well defined and clear ?

    eg. What Feedback is available in the company when Quality is not OK ?

    c. Is that all the staffs understand it and know what they need to do ?

    d. Is that inter-department cooperation is good ? (Mostly failed start from

    non-cooperative )

    e. When there are some changes in the habit/practice to implement the TQC,

    some old staffs are resistant to change.

    Can they be drive to accept new idea, new things ?

    So, its very easy to become failure, when the asnwer is NO for any of the above issues.