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    Capture Your Finest Gaming Moments With Fraps For Only $37!

    Thank you for your interest in Fraps! Registration enhances the program and allows you to record as long as you like. Perform full-size recording with no watermarks on your movie. Capture screenshots directly to JPG, PNG and TGA formats!

    Updates to Fraps are completely FREE - Download the latest registered version from our Members Area at any time after your purchase.

    Just a couple of quick notes about the ordering process:

    We use PayPal to process our transactions. PayPal is the globalleader in online payments and is trusted by more than 100 millionpeople worldwide. Payment can be made from an existing PayPal accountor separately by credit card.

    Fraps will be licensed in the name and email address of the account used to purchase. If you have an existing PayPal account, please make sure your email address is valid. The registration information will be sent to your primary email address.

    Fraps is made available via online delivery. With PayPal'sinstant payment methods you can download the registered version and beup and running in a few short minutes!So if you're a serious gamer, and the idea of capturing your finestmoments on video appeals to you, you can order the full "unlocked"version of FRAPS by clicking below:

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