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Hong Kong is failing to care for its poor(我要正方的論點論據+例子)急!!!!

Hong Kong is failing to care for its poor...... 

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    1) although the economy is getting better, the unemployment rate is not significantly improved and there are about 1/7 of the population living in poverty.

    2) the government fails to impose minimum wage and maximum working hours on employers, so the well-being of employees, especially those low-skilled ones is not ensured.

    3) a lot of labour is paid less than $4000 per month, yet they work more than 60 hours per week. ( for precise details, pls refer to other stactistical sources, this is only an estimation)

    4) as the condition of the rich and poor goes more and more extreme (貧者越貧, 富者越富), there are a lot of monopolies dominating the market. hence, the prices of many products, even of the necessities are unreasonably high (take the 2 famous chain superstores for example, and compare their prices with other small provisions).

    consumers' interests are not protected and the expenditure of low-income families is increasing, the poor people become even poorer, yet the government does nothing about it.

    5) the medical burden is extremely heavy to those low-income families and the elderly. besides, most of them are not medically insured.

    6) the transportation fees keep going up drastically, such as the bus fare. most of the low-income families have to spend a lot on transportation, but apparently the government does not bother to care about this.

    7) some children from the poor families have to help to increase their families' income by picking up tin cans and unwanted carton boxes on the street and sell them. they have become so-called children labour (童工).

    8) the government does very little to help the unemployed. e.g. the training courses are not practical at all and many course members still cannot find a proper job even after accomplishing these programmes. so, a number of them remain unemployed.

    these are so far what i can think of, hopefully they will help. the rest u have to depend on yourself.

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    6) and the allowances that it offers are quite mean.

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    1. Some of Hongkongers are selfish. They are busy with their work and they do not care about the poor.

    2. Some Chinese people immigrant from China to Hong Kong. They have low standard of knowledge. Therefore, they cannot find some jobs with high salaries. They only work as cleaner or worker. They earn a little money and they are poor.

    3. The Hong Kong government cannot give the welfare to the poor forever. And she only give them a little money and it is not enough for them to live.

    4. If the poor people have many children, they are hard to look after them. Maybe they ask them to go to work early instead of going to school.Therefore, their children also have low standard of knowledge and only earn a little poor. It is a circulation and they also stay in poor.

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    3. And she only gives them a little money and it is not enough for them to live.