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十萬火急!!!!!!!!!! 英文 Free writing~~ (10點)

幫我作一篇Free writing..........題目不限~~~( 200 字 )

F.2 程度就OK~~唔需要太深~但係都唔好淺過頭~~


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  • 1 十年前

    Title: Peter and fairy

    Once upon a time, there was an old man in the poor village.

    His name is Peter Chun. he was so poor, but he got a dog, it was his best friend. One day, he was walking to the town center. Suddenly, he saw a lady walked acrossed the zebra crossing and a car was going to run her over. Therefore, he ran over the zebra crossing and saved her. After that, he realized she was a fairy showed up in front of him. The fairy told him that she could make him become very wealthy. However, by satisfying his wants, the fairy would take his best friend away from him forever. Also, once the offer had made, he could not change back.

    Peter was painful of making this decision. He was hesitated. Yet he could not resist the temptation of fulfilling his wants. He accepted the offer. And he became very wealthy straight away. Although he was rich, he was lonely. It was because there was nobody to share the joy with him. He felt that he should not take the offer. He was regretted. However, he could change nothing about this fact.

    In this story, Peter teaches us that nothing is more important than your friendship.