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What's the meaning of ”spin master”????

This term "spin master" appears many times in Barack Obama's speech. But I

still cannot get its meaning after checking the dictionary.

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  • Ky
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    If a master is related to a university degree, it is just one below that of a doctor. There is a spin doctor, so there is a spin master.

    George W. Bush is known to have a number of spin doctors, one of which is said to invent the axis of evil countries which include North Korea. If the president enrolls the help of spin doctors to brag for him, party representatives like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are well qualified to employ spin masters to help in their quest for the White House. And what is missing up to the present moment is a" spin bachelor", who spins stories for the public through magazines and newspapers.

    This is just pure guessing with a little logic. And if my guess is right, then it is just an example of what we call popular language (潮語).

    But if one enters the internet one will find the Spin Master is the name of a toy company. And even Wikipedia is just a branch name of Spin Master after all.

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    Thanks for your questions.