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英文作文suggestion 15分

Writing suggestion please help?

topic:it is understandable why teenagers in hong kong spend too much time in front of computers and not enough time exercising?

agree / disagree 250word please help

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  • 1 十年前

    I can give you some thread of mindmapping this essay. But the major part is you to arrange it.

    If I write this essay, I would agree with the issue. It is because there is not

    many places that you can do exercise in Hong Kong. Also, even you find a

    place to do exercise, the location of the place may not be suitable for you. Eg, the place is too far away.

    Moreover, there is too many temptations around

    when you use computer. Eg, playing online games, watching movies, etc.

    Thus most teenagers spend more time in front of computers than doing

    exercise. And if you are one of the small proportion who do not do most teens

    do, I bet you will. It is because teens are hardly not to influence by the Peer

    Pressure. Under these conditions, teens will sink into addiction of using


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