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half count trap

what is it?


half count trap

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also, what is post up

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    Half court trap.... you trap the guard bringing the ball up by making him go to the sideline before crossing half way, then you corner him between the halfway line and the sideline with two of yourplayers.. (cant go back cant go forward) the other three players play man on man to try and prevent a pass... with nowhere to go... the offensive player stops and three seconds rule... if you can prevent a pass. ..

    To execute.. one defensive player stands near the half way line.. one does full court press on the guard bringing up the ball and the other players play man on man ..with full court press to prevent an early pass...... the player defending the guard with the ball motions him to the correct side if he can.. the guy on the halfway line has to watch carefully to make sure he doesn't give away the plot and moves into position before it's too late.

    when someone tells you to post up, it means to back up your man and take the ball inside and score on him.

    I hope this can help you!

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    Half Court Trap usually 2 persons trapping the opposing ball handler at one of the corners.

    After the opposing ball handler pick up the ball and not dribble, I believe they have 5 seconds to pass the ball out of his hands. If not, he either has to call a Time-out or it will be a turnover.

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