how to check our bsnl broadband account balance?

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    1 十年前

    Do you have BSNL Broadband connection? If yes then you must have the Account No and Password.

    Open the website:

    Put your Account no & Password and go to the Service Record Page. You will find your uses, day by day.

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    4 年前

    Bsnl Broadband Account

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    1 十年前

    As you know all DataOne plans are NOT unlimited. So if you have opted for a limited plan then you should be carefull about the dataone usage.

    Your Dataone broadband usage can be checked as follows.

    1) Open in Internet Explorer ( Firefox not supported).

    IF THE ABOVE LINK IS NOT WORKING, Please try Check Broadband Usage

    2) Enter you dataone username and password.

    3) Click on "Service Records" link.

    4) Select the month for period you are checking the usage.

    5) Click 'OK'

    6) Value of 'Total Volume' is your total dataone usage of that particular month.

    Important : if you open this link in any browser other than Internet Explorer, you may get an error message like "{ Sorry, you cannot access portal because your explore is not Cookie-enabled.

    Please set your exploreCookie-enabled, and access portal again!"

    So Please try with internet Explorer Only.

    Also please note that the link is accessible only from DataOne internet connection.

    Note: Installing ad blocking software / Pop Up & Ad Blocking Add Ons in your browser will help you to reduce the dataone usage.

    Remember Small Plans and Big Usage will increase your bill.

  • 1 十年前

    go to

    Use the ID and Password given to you by BSNL officers when they installed broadband in your home.....

    then click "view usage". Select the month.

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  • 1 十年前

    Have u got ur Account number & password..

    Go to Broadband page..

    Check usage......

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    5 年前

    Google Chrome. It takes less memory. If you want to save usage, do not download any pictures and videos.Visit only the sites which have more text than pictures. Browser alone may not help you to save usage