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cc 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 1 十年前

HR department workload project

Please help me how to do "HR department workload project" .I need english version. Thanks


我想問我應該怎樣寫我要列出HR Department workload 既問題(英文版本). 謝謝

更新 2:

我需要做一份功課報告要列出 關於HR Department workload problem (要 分4個 step)

step 1: introduction

step 2: fact findings

step 3: conclusion

step 4: recommendation


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    1 十年前

    What are the requirements of the "HR Dept Workload Project"

    Like any project, the followings would be necessary

    Identify the objectives of the project


    to reduce the workload of the HR Dept?

    to increase the workload with the same resources


    Identify the benefits of the project


    how many costs can be saved by reducing the workload

    Identify what need to be / can be done to generate the benefits (feasibility study)


    use a better system to keep track of the workload and time spent closely

    monitor the workload against the budget and adjust the workflow if required

    Identify the costs of the project


    invest on a workload tracking system

    extra costs incurred on the workload monitoring activities

    Conduct a cost benefit analysis to see whether the benefits will be greater than the costs


    draft a no. of scenario and compare the benefits and costs over a period of time

    - best case : benefits - costs

    - normal case: benefits - costs

    - worst case : benefits - costs

    Prepare a project plan and obtain the approval from the management.

    Identify the stakeholders or the concerned parties and set up a project team

    Determine the project approach, milestones, etc.

    Proceed the project, assess the risks, monitor the progress. regular communicate with the stakeholders


    2008-04-14 17:04:51 補充:

    可否補充一下何謂 「HR Department workload 既問題」

    是否要列出HR Department各種業務的工作負擔問題

    "HR department workload project" 的目的又是甚麼﹖

    資料來源: my experience