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Fanny 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 1 十年前

中國文化(古至今),如何對待女性 (40點)

My question is about treatment of women in Chinese literature.

1.How are women presented in the society portrayed?

2.How does the setting influence this treatment of the women?

Please answer in English.

More than 120 words for each question.

I will make another page as the same question, and 20 marks each page.

Thank you!!!

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    1 十年前

    i would like to give u some information:

    Position of Women in Chinese History

    Guest Author - Caroline Baker

    History has often painted Chinese women as subservient in society. Yet, this view is very narrow and without a true understanding of the position of women throughout the Chinese history.

    Ancient China

    Women of ancient China could not hold any position of power. They are portrayed as "objects" sold off into marriage. Their feet were bound to keep them from running off. In marriage ceremonies, they were always covered up, blinded to the events of the marriage until they were in their wedding bed.

    Yet, this is a narrow view of the ultimate power they did have even during these times. While men ruled the world outside, women controlled the functions of the house. The wives of any man fell into rank within the household. The head wife could dictate who went where, how much money was spent on household needs, what education the children received, and ultimately the fate of the lives of the other women beneath her.

    Men were as bound by society as women in that they had little say in who they would marry. Normally, it would be the aunt or a matchmaker, normally an elderly woman of the village, who would arrange the favorable union of two families.

    Mothers of young nobles, and especially child Emperors, effectively ruled in place of their sons. They made the decisions and governed the lands behind the scenes. They were given formal titles and positions such as Empress Dowager. Some, like Empress Dowager Lu, would forever be feared for cruelty to her enemies that even sent the men around her in fear.

    Stories, such as the Legend of Mulan, talk about how women stand side-by-side with men in the dangers and conflicts of war.

    2008-04-13 14:32:24 補充:

    Republic Years

    Under the Republic, women were still expected to stay at home and care for the family. But women in the major cities were also given a chance to attend formal education. Many women took the opportunity and studied along side their male counterparts.

    2008-04-13 14:33:11 補充:

    Communist State under Mao

    When Communism rolled in, the Chinese had begun to take on a more Western view of women. The Western view at that time, however, was less than flattering. Women were still very much the house wives in America and the world.

    2008-04-13 14:33:21 補充:

    Yet, there were figures in current history of the time of strong women, such as the Queen of England.

    While she had long since lost control over the government of her nation, she still held sway over the love and adoration of her people.

    2008-04-13 14:33:49 補充:

    When the Mao came into power, one of his more prominent beliefs was to judge how equitable a nation is, one must view how equitable it is to women. Thus, he made it his purpose to eliminate the distinction between men and women.

    2008-04-13 14:33:55 補充:

    Many women marched right along side their fellow comrades, in the same uniform and reading the same red books. They began to study and attend schools, even hold down jobs.

    2008-04-13 14:34:12 補充:

    While the West struggled through various women's suffrage movements, women of China were holding positions of power under Mao's command. State officials were of either gender and in fact, women were often depicted as the more dominant figure of this time.

    2008-04-13 14:34:45 補充:

    Modern Communism

    After Mao's death, a new leadership took over. Major reforms were made and some of the old world was introduced back into the culture. China opened its doors to the West.

    2008-04-13 14:34:57 補充:

    Women fell out of power during this period and lost some of the relative equality they saw under Mao. However, not everything reverted back to the way it was. Because of the influences of Western movies, music and cultures, women began to find a new sense of freedom.

    2008-04-13 14:35:23 補充:

    While still conservative compared to their Western counterparts of the time, Chinese women began to explore different make-up, clothing, and ways of life. Modern conveniences emerged over time that

    2008-04-13 14:35:30 補充:

    helped to make their lives easier and allow them once again to attend schooling and enter the work force. The ideas of choosing your own husband, divorce, being a single mom, and many other concepts of the Western world became part of the lifestyle.

    2008-04-13 14:36:20 補充:


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