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somethings ask for Duralumin (Please help!!)

1.what is the Element and Composition in Duralumin?

2.what is the properties of Duralumin?

3.what is tht process of making Duralumin?

4.Need three applications of Duralumin?

PLEASE help!!

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    Duralumin is a alloy which mainly consists of aluminium and other metal in small proportion.

    Alloying aluminium is to raise the resistiveness and strength of aluminium.

    A commonly used modern equivalent of this alloy type is AA2024, which contains (in wt.%) 4.4% copper, 1.5% magnesium and 0.6% manganese.

    duralumin is usually

    more corrosion-resistive,


    of lower desity and

    able to withstand higher temperature

    than pure aluminium

    usually many alloys are made by cooling after mixing various kind of metals in moten state

    due to its high strength and low density, it is widely used in many idustries

    Duralumin made of various proportion of metals can be used in different areas

    List of typical uses for the wrought Al-Cu alloys:


    truck frame

    Aircraft structures

    rivets, hardware, truck wheels, screw machine products, and other miscellaneous structural applications.

    bar for screw machine products

    diesel engine pistons

    aircraft engine cylinder heads

    jet engine impellers

    compressor rings

    Welded space booster oxidizer

    fuel tanks

    supersonic aircraft skin

    structure components.

    Die and hand forgings

    Pistons and rotating aircraft engine parts for operation at elevated temperatures

    Tire molds